Empower Your Citizens, Strengthen Your Enforcement:

Pilot tagSnapper to Tackle Expired Registrations.

Expired registrations threaten California’s

Medium Safety Shield


Medium SMOG Car

Air Quality

Medium Budget


Medium Ball and Chain

Complicates Enforcement

tagSnapper offers a revolutionary solution:

empower citizens to report expired tags through a mobile app.

Pilot this innovative system and witness its impact on public safety, air quality, and state revenue.

CA Vehicle Code § 5204(a) – Valid tags to be displayed on rear license plate.

Key Benefits for Your Department:

  • Public Safety

    1. Reduce uninsured drivers contributing to accidents and fatalities

    2 Identify potentially high-risk (neglected/unmaintained) vehicles with outdated tags.

    3. Free up CHP resources for other critical duties

    4. Reduce officer safety risks from surprise encounters and improve officer safety

  • Compliance

    1. Increase registration renewal rates

    2. Align with existing Vehicle Code § 5204(a) and § 4000(a)

    3. Streamline enforcement with automated data processing and notification

    4. Fairness for all Californians

  • Cleaner Air and Environment

    1. Reduce emissions impacting cardiovascular, respiratory, and neurological systems

    2 Align with environmental goals and public health initiatives

    3. Contribute to cleaner air and a healthier California

  • State Revenue

    1. Maximize registration renewals and recoup millions in lost revenue

    2. Mitigate AB-256’s impact

    3. Boost budget predictability

Proof of Concept:

The CHP REG program is an excellent example of citizen engagement. Despite being a multi-step process to report each out-of-state vehicle, thousands of monthly reports and millions of dollars recouped illustrate the potential of tagSnapper.
tagSnapper’s automated data transmission reduces friction to report. Efficient and user-friendly, snap and send in 4 seconds.
Designed to meet SB-1359 mandates for automated registration verification.

How tagSnapper Works:

Pilot Program Advantages:

A pilot program is a low-risk, high-reward opportunity to prove tagSnapper’s effectiveness.
Test and refine tagSnapper in a controlled environment before statewide rollout.
Gather valuable data and feedback to optimize the system for maximum impact.
Minimize financial risk and investment while demonstrating significant potential benefits.
Secure broader support and funding for full-scale implementation based on pilot success.

Next Step:

Pilot Program

Partner with us to pilot tagSnapper in a small area and experience the benefits firsthand.

Request a Demo

See the system in action and explore its potential.

Contact Us

Discuss your specific needs and tailor a solution for your department.

Single Page Summary:

Company Info:

Bharat Dave, Founder

(650) 450-8303

[email protected]



500 East Hamilton Ave., #1018
Campbell, CA 95008

DUNS: 118262557

Registered as
Small Business
Cert ID 2024914

Electronic data processing services

  • 81112001 Online data processing services
  • 81112002 Data processing or data preparation services
  • 81162302 Data analytics process as a service
  • 81112000 Data Services

  • Silicon Valley technology startup
  • Custom built solution to help weed out violators of veh 5204(a)
    (Law requires valid tabs on rear license plate)
  • Fully operational and scalable

  • Produce and deliver daily tabulated report of expired license plates that have been
    • photographed (with our app) the previous day
    • screened for accuracy, and clarity
    • deduped, so only first time reports are included
  • Data gathered from around California

  • Each image is stamped with location, date and time
  • Each record in the daily tabulated data report includes
    • licence plate number
    • date and time
    • make, model and color of vehicle
    • month and year of stale tag
    • minimum number of days delinquent
    • URL to verified photographic evidence
  • Format tailored to suit agency requirements to enable violation notice similar to a toll bridge crossing statement/invoice to be mailed to responsible party
  • Capability to report out-of-state vehicles to help the CHP REG program (previously known as CHEATERS)

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