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Every year, more than one in ten registrations becomes delinquent worth an estimated four hundred and twenty-five million dollars.
This is according to seasoned Sacramento tax attorney, *Steve Sims*.
Now add to this, vehicles claiming Planned Non Operational status whilst still illegally on the road, and the number becomes substantially larger.
What if we helped recoup fifty million dollars from this loss in the first year?

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What’s behind this massive loss is the rampant violation of a *specific vehicle code* which requires current registration tabs to be displayed on the rear license plate. Yes, the Franchise Tax Board does garnish wages from accounts that are more than sixty days delinquent, but every year, two-hundred and thirty-seven million dollars are still missing. This is probably why a stated goal on the DMV website is to have every vehicle properly registered. What if there were an additional arrow in the DMV quiver to target this goal? 

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The program, now known as *CHP REG*, already allows people a method to report out-of-state registration violators. And despite having a cumbersome, multi-step process, has helped recover *millions of dollars* over the past decade. With a financial incentive for reporting delinquent tags, just imagine the magnitude of the recoupment. It’s not so far-fetched. *New Yorkers* are already *financially rewarded* with a share of the fines for *video reporting* idling trucks and buses in violation of the city’s *anti-idling laws*. And the *California False Claims Act* enables whistleblowers to be financially rewarded for helping recover government funds. Ready to Weed Out delinquent registrations?

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Great! –Tag Snapper is a custom-built mobile phone app that allows users to snap expired license plates from around California.
Each image is stamped with when and where it was snapped.
A tabulated report is generated overnight from all the images that were snapped the previous day.
Only unique plates are reported.
So if an expired plate is photographed a second or third time, only the first instance is reported to the DMV.
In addition to all information requested by the CHP REG program, the month and year on the plate and the minimum number of days delinquent are also included.
A notice, similar to a toll bridge crossing, is sent by the DMV to the registered owner.
With it are specific instructions on what needs to be addressed to resolve the matter.
An additional administration fee is added to any amount due.
It acts like a flick on the forehead.
If you’re ready to weed out delinquent registrations with Tag Snapper, what needs to happen to initiate a pilot program to prove the concept?

Additional Compelling Reasons

We're ready to

report hundreds of plates immediately and ramp up to thousands daily within the first year.

Clear OKR

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To have every vehicle
properly registered
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Key Result

WHAT: Help Recoup $50 Million

BY WHEN: 12 Months

Under the Hood


Images snapped from around CA are stamped with location, date and time.

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Screened so only clearly expired tags and first time plates are included, others are deduped.

Data Table

Generated overnight and emailed to DMV in the morning.

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DMV verifies data and mails notice similar to toll bridge violation.

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Owner resolves issue(s) and pays fees/fines.


Flow Diagram

Precise internal flow to be determined.

Illustration repurposed from Page 3 of Exhibit A RFQ for DMV Aug 2021

Ready to curtail

this ongoing daily $1.1 million loss?

Company Info.

Summary & Capabilities Statement
Proposal Outline

Bharat Dave, Founder

(650) 450-8303

[email protected]


500 East Hamilton Ave., #1018
Campbell, CA 95008

DUNS: 118262557

Registered as
Small Business
Cert ID 2024914

Electronic data processing services

  • 81112001 Online data processing services
  • 81112002 Data processing or data preparation services
  • 81162302 Data analytics process as a service
  • 81112000 Data Services

  • Silicon Valley technology startup
  • Custom built solution to help weed out violators of veh 5204(a)
    (Law requires valid tabs on rear license plate)
  • Fully operational and scalable

  • Produce and deliver daily tabulated report of expired license plates that have been
    • photographed (with our app) the previous day
    • screened for accuracy, and clarity
    • deduped, so only first time reports are included
  • Data gathered from around California

  • Each image is stamped with location, date and time
  • Each record in the daily tabulated data report includes
    • licence plate number
    • date and time
    • make, model and color of vehicle
    • month and year of stale tag
    • minimum number of days delinquent
    • URL to verified photographic evidence
  • Format tailored to suit agency requirements to enable violation notice similar to a toll bridge crossing statement/invoice to be mailed to responsible party
  • Capability to report out-of-state vehicles to help the CHP REG program (previously known as CHEATERS)

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