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How It Works



an expired registration tag


using the tagSnapper app


*get rewarded

*Reward issued via Google Pay,
terms & conditions apply.

Fast & Easy

in  a jiff

in  a snip


in  a jiff

in  a snip


Three Types of

  • Passive


    Whilst out - you notice an expired registration tag. Launch the app, snap, and send - That's it!

  • Active


    You purposely park your vehicle away from the entrance, and look out for expired licence plates to-and-from your vehicle.

  • Proactive


    You purposely head to a variety of destinations with the intention of snapping as many expired licence plates as possible. 


The 5 W's & How

Anyone with an Android phone, keen eyes, and a desire to make money.

tagSnapper is an easy to use Android camera app that allows civic minded individuals to snap an expired licence plate, and earn a bounty. Terms & conditions apply.

Its clean and simple design with a minimalistic approach means that  – it’s very easy to use.

A few seconds is all it takes from the moment an expired registration tag is noticed, to snapping it, and sending it.

The app does all the work for you. From acquiring all the necessary information the moment the image is snapped (where, when, and who) to uploading all the relevant data to our servers when the send button is tapped. That’s it!

Spot – Snap – Send – Repeat.

Diligence has its rewards, and for avid tagSnapper the rewards accumulate handsomely.

Apply now, and upon approval – go tagSnapping when it suits you.

The sooner you start, the quicker you start benefiting.

Every year, expired vehicle tags cost California over $425 million.
This loss impacts important services for all Californians.

Shouldn’t officers cite these naughty owners?

Short answer – Yes! 

However, issuing tickets

and processing them

is not an efficient use of limited resources.

Typical reasons for not having valid tags include:




Whatever the reason, expired registration tags on a vehicle on a public highway is a violation of Vehicle code 5204

CVC 5204(a) requires valid vehicle registration tabs (month & year) be affixed to the vehicles back licence plate.

10.43.010 Registration of vehicles.
No person shall leave standing upon a city street or public parking facility, any vehicle defined in Division 1 of the California Vehicle Code requiring registration, unless it is registered and the appropriate fees paid, and the proof of such valid registration is properly displayed, in compliance with California Vehicle Code regulations. (Ord. 1359 § 2 (part), 2013).

Seamlessly, behind the scenes the sequence of events are as follows:

1-Tag | Image tagged with date/time & location

2-Image Sent | Uploaded to server

3-Processed | Image & data verified

4-Owner Notified | Last registered owners responsibility to pay

5-Fine Paid | Payment received

6-Reward Issued | To the first 
tagSnapper reporting

Please note – there is a time lag between snapping an expired tag, and being awarded the bounty. Each may vary from several days, to several weeks. It is dependent on how quickly the responsible owner responds.


SIMPLE       –       FAST       –       EASY





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