helps rein in vehicle registration

Target CHP Goal 

‘to enforce the provisions of the
California Vehicle Code’


Enforceable under §4000,
veh 5204(a)
Requires display of valid tabs

By the numbers:

More than one in ten
vehicle registrations become
delinquent every year

Turnkey technology that’s

with an overnight process

Works with existing:
 – technology
 – processes &
 – remittance

Leaving existing budgets are unaffected

Why it Matters


Violation of veh 5204(a)
This law requires the display of valid tabs on the rear license plate.

Every year, more than one-in-ten vehicle registrations worth an estimated $425 million become delinquent.


Ease the low-priority ticketing burden from law enforcement.

Improve compliance with existing laws.

Enhance safety for all road users.


We electronically supply a daily data table and photo evidence of expired license plates to any state agency.

Using this proof, the agency sends a notification similar to a toll bridge violation to the vehicle owner.


The CHP REG program has allowed people to report out-of-state vehicle registration cheats for many years.

The result is greater compliance and recoupement of tens of millions of dollars.


A small scale pilot program.

Who can green-light this innovative initiative?


to dig a little deeper


According to the ACLU –
Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right.


Because 11.3% of vehicle registration accounts, worth an estimated $425 million, become delinquent – every year.

Source: Sacramento Tax Attorney, Steve Sims

The CHP cites the most common reasons for vehicles not being properly registered as:

  1. Owners are unaware of the registration laws in California
  2. Owners are evading paying taxes and registration fees
  3. Their vehicle fails to meet the State air pollution standards
  4. Their automobile is uninsured 
    (According to the 
    Insurance Information Institute – One in six uninsured)

Two more culprits adding to this loss include:

  1. Out-of-state vehicles not registering their vehicle when relocating to California
  2. PNO (planned non-operational) vehicles are still illegally on the road

A tabulated daily report of expired plates with data curated from photographs of expired licence plates

Click to enlarge and reveal a startling insight

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An expanding legion of civically minded Californians


Our purpose-built app captures photographic proof of expired plates on the road.

The date, time, and location are stamped on the image.

The overnight process extracts:

  • License plate number
  • Year and month of tabs
  • Color, make and model of vehicle
  • Physical location/address of where the image was taken
  • Days delinquent
  • Unclear images and unexpired plates are filtered out
  • Plates that have been previously reported are omitted from the daily report

These data are used to generate a notice similar to a toll bridge violation.

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The daily data table can be electronically transmitted to any office with a connection to the DMVNET.

Precise internal flow to be determined.

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Illustration repurposed from Page 3 of Exhibit A RFQ for DMV Aug 2021


Available for piloting immediately

Automated overnight process

Seamlessly, behind the scenes


Images of expired license plates gathered from around California with the
tagSnapper app.

Stamped on each image are the location, date, and time.


Click to enlarge
Yes, the tag reads APR 2019.
Last SMOG failed 07/14/2021.



Each image screened for expired plates and clarity.

Previously reported plates omitted.


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An automated computerized process identifies the vehicle owner along with intructions to remedy the issues(s).


Registration fees/fines are calculated.


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The vehicle owner receives a notice in the mail, similar to a toll bridge violation.

After resolving the issue(s), the existing automated, self-serve remittance system helps the customer conclude the matter.


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The admin fee added to the notice makes the entire process self-funding.


three minutes

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A Silicon Valley technology enterprise

Bharat Dave, Founder

(650) 450-8303

[email protected]



500 East Hamilton Ave., #1018
Campbell, CA 95008

DUNS: 118262557

Registered as
Small Business
Cert ID 2024914

Electronic data processing services

  • 81112001 Online data processing services
  • 81112002 Data processing or data preparation services
  • 81162302 Data analytics process as a service
  • 81112000 Data Services

  • Silicon Valley technology startup
  • Custom built solution to help weed out violators of veh 5204(a)
    (Law requires valid tabs on rear license plate)
  • Fully operational and scalable

  • Produce and deliver daily tabulated report of expired license plates that have been
    • photographed (with our app) the previous day
    • screened for accuracy, and clarity
    • deduped, so only first time reports are included
  • Data gathered from around California

  • Each image is stamped with location, date and time
  • Each record in the daily tabulated data report includes
    • licence plate number
    • date and time
    • make, model and color of vehicle
    • month and year of stale tag
    • minimum number of days delinquent
    • URL to verified photographic evidence
  • Format tailored to suit agency requirements to enable violation notice similar to a toll bridge crossing statement/invoice to be mailed to responsible party
  • Capability to report out-of-state vehicles to help the CHP REG program (previously known as CHEATERS)
Outline & Capabilities Statement

Summary Proposal


Let's pilot this initiative

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