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To ease, simplify and speed up capturing out-of-state plates and information related to each vehicle.


To improve the efficiency and accuracy of the data collection process and boost the number of of reported out-of-state vehicles.


The tagsnapper system streamlines the process of capturing and reporting out-of-state vehicle information.

The purpose-built mobile phone app captures data and instantly uploads them for overnight processing.

The information required for the CHP REG program is tabulated and electronically sent to the CHP the following morning.

  • State
  • License plate number
  • Date, time, and location
  • Vehicle color, make, and model
  • Hyperlink to photograph


Please click here to see an example.

Automated overnight process

Seamlessly, behind the scenes


The tagSnapper system collects images of out-of-state plates.


Precise location, date, and time marked on each image.



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Yes, the tag reads JAN 2022.



Each image screened for clarity.


Previously reported plates omitted.

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Data table  electronically sent the following
day in various file formats to choose from.


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According to the ACLU –
Taking photographs of things that are plainly visible from public spaces is a constitutional right.


A Silicon Valley technology enterprise

Bharat Dave, Founder

(650) 450-8303

[email protected]



500 East Hamilton Ave., #1018
Campbell, CA 95008

DUNS: 118262557

Registered as
Small Business
Cert ID 2024914

Electronic data processing services

  • 81112001 Online data processing services
  • 81112002 Data processing or data preparation services
  • 81162302 Data analytics process as a service
  • 81112000 Data Services

  • Silicon Valley technology startup
  • Custom built solution to help weed out violators of veh 5204(a)
    (Law requires valid tabs on rear license plate)
  • Fully operational and scalable

  • Produce and deliver daily tabulated report of expired license plates that have been
    • photographed (with our app) the previous day
    • screened for accuracy, and clarity
    • deduped, so only first time reports are included
  • Data gathered from around California

  • Each image is stamped with location, date and time
  • Each record in the daily tabulated data report includes
    • licence plate number
    • date and time
    • make, model and color of vehicle
    • month and year of stale tag
    • minimum number of days delinquent
    • URL to verified photographic evidence
  • Format tailored to suit agency requirements to enable violation notice similar to a toll bridge crossing statement/invoice to be mailed to responsible party
  • Capability to report out-of-state vehicles to help the CHP REG program (previously known as CHEATERS)


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